Making Your Book An Audiobook


With eBooks and sites like Amazon, distributing written material is easier than ever. Many independent writers are able to sell their content without the help of a large publishing company or expensive resources.

This is the same with audiobooks. Although it can seem daunting, turning reading material into an audiobook can be a relatively straightforward and low-cost project. Audiobooks are a great alternative for fans to consume content, as they can be listened to on-the-go in places such as a car, without having to be still and staring at a book.

Many writers who approach us are surprised to find how easy it will be to create an audio version of their book.

There are three main steps:pexels-photo-46274

  1. Recording the narration
  2. Cleaning and editing of the audio, setting consistent levels and preparing it for the audiobook creation
  3. Creating the audiobook file. This includes embedding chapter titles, cover art, etc.

While some have recorded their narration using an iPhone, you can get great results using a USB microphone in a quiet room, or even visiting a local studio if you have the budget. Alternatively, if you don’t want to do the narration you can hire somebody to do it. East Coast Radio Creative does have voices available!

Once the narration is done, it’s in our hands to do the editing and audio work. Then we’ll work with you to create and deliver your final, perfect audiobook file.

Just because you’re an independent author doesn’t mean you can’t share your content as an audiobook. Talk to us today for more details!

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